Baby Beats

 Babybeats is a unique class that aims to enhance the bond between Mum and baby. Post natal pilates and fitness is a key element, combined with baby yoga, songs and sensory play. We then finish with some relaxation and baby massage. It’s a class which benefits both Mum and baby. 

BabyBeats for You

Exercises for Mums are aimed at strengthening and supporting the post-natal body.

  • As qualified Health and Fitness teachers, we make sure that each exercise is appropriate and safe for new mums.
  • Exercising whilst having a baby can be tricky with childcare, sleep deprivation, lack of time and all those other things you need to do!
  • BabyBeats will help you and your baby to enjoy moving together.
  • We focus on pelvic stability, core strength and re-aligning muscles post pregnancy.
  • BabyBeats incorporates Yoga poses, Pilates core strength exercises, Squats and Lunges and many more.
  • No pre-exercise experience is required just the willingness to get involved, all these exercises support your return to fitness after pregnancy and birth.


BabyBeats for your Baby

Benefits to your baby doing BabyBeats

  • We encourage movement and positive loving touch with integrated sensory experiences that enhance expressive interaction with their parents.
  • We motivate you to handle your baby in a way that is natural to you, enjoyable and aids every stage of development.
  • Movements, play, songs and actions are introduced to babies as young as 6 weeks old – these can help common baby ailments such as colic and trapped wind.
  •  Our unique sequences can help babies develop a deep sense of being loved and enhance the bond between mum and baby.
  •  Baby classes such as BabyBeats can improve body and mind awareness, help co-ordination and regulate and strengthen baby’s digestive system.
  •  We use a blend of movement combinations to stimulate circulatory and nervous systems as well as help reduce fussiness and support each baby’s development.